New Dutch Sculptors, 1997
View from installation

New Dutch Sculptors 10

Solo Exhibition
at Het Glazen Huis

Yvonne Fontijne build a new floor in the exhibition hall which was highly reflective.
She showed the computeranimation ‘3 paar handen 3 paar voeten’ on one monitor
and the movement and sound of a music box on the other monitor.
Both monitors stood back to back on a sort of bridge on top of the floor.
The exhibition could only be seen from outside.

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Clip from computeranimation
‘3 paar handen 3 paar voeten’

Poster of the exhibition

Ontwerp ©Lies Ros (Wild Plakken)

Press Release New Dutch Sculptors 10

Nieuws van de Dag
Els Roes
November 14 1997
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De Volkskrant
opmaat tentoonstellingen
November 13 1997
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