Natural Walk, 1999

Stills from computeranimation ‘Natural Walk’

Exhibited in the front space of
Galerie Fons Welters, Amsterdam/NL 1999

Acquired by Wim Beeren for the Peter Stuyvesant Stichting
British American Tobacco, Zevenaar/NL 1999

Exhibited at the ‘Farewell exhibition’, of the
director of British American Tobacco
Peter Stuyvesant Stichting, BAT,
Zevenaar/NL, 2000

Shown in ‘1,2,3’
Space, LOOS-Tijdkring-Festival
with live music performance of Yasunao Tone and Ikue Mori
Korzo theater, Den Haag/NL, 1999

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Natural Walk. Clip 1

Yvonne Fontijne started the development of a motion library in collaboration
with Motek Motion Technology. The library was created to enable access and
use of all possible human motions, registered in 3D.

The animation ‘Natural Walk’ was created using the first movements captured
for this library. Each part of the animation is based on the specific motion
of one of the body parts (for example knees or arms).
While continuously walking at the same speed the various positions of
the feet, knees, hips, chest, shoulders, elbows, hands and head were
registered. By blending such sequences together every combination
can be obtained.

Duration of full animation: 1 hour, 30 seconds for each motion.

Variation of computeranimation ‘Natural Walk’:

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Natural Walk, strip. Clip 1

‘Natural Walk’ was:

Invitation card Fons Welters
Copyright © Galerie Fons Welters

Announcement NRC Handelsblad
Agenda 18 t/m 24 juni
Selectie 17 juni 1999
Copyright © NRC Handelsblad

Festivalbook / Programm Space music festival
22-23 october 1999, Korzo theater Den Haag, NL
Copyright © Loosensemble