Bewegingen uit Zuiderpoort, 2009
yvonne fontijne zuiderpoort dolhuys
'Markers plakken'
Real-life photo and corresponding
still frame from animation
Bewegingen uit Zuiderpoort

A project of the City of Haarlem
presented at Het Dolhuys, national museum of psychiatry.

12 computer animations based on motions of patients, assistants and therapists during several therapies.
Recorded at psychiatric center 'Zuiderpoort',
an institute of GGZ inGeest and PAAZ Kennemer Gasthuis.

Het Dolhuys
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Stadsschouwburg, 2008
yvonne fontijne stadsschouwburg klimmuur
Theatre lobby with computeranimations Rock climbing I and II
De stad als podium
curated by Nieuwe Vide

De Klimmuur Haarlem: Rock Climbing
Fontijne Production Services: Motion Capture
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Ballade / Beeldschoon, 2008
yvonne fontijne ballade beeldschoon introdans
Stills from Ballade
Ballade / Beeldschoon

Dance performance
Concept, design and production of computeranimations
for dance performance of Karin Post performed by Introdans

Karin Post - Choreography
Yvonne Fontijne - Computeranimations
Rob Birza - Costumes
Guus Janssen/Maurice Horsthuis, Francois Couperin, Karlheinz Stockhausen - Music
Berry Claasen/Rob Birza - Light design
Fontijne Production Services - Motion Capture technique
Iris Reyes - Repetitor
Introdans Ensemble voor de Jeugd - Dance

Premiere: Schouwburg Arnhem
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Janssen & Janssen, 2007
yvonne fontijne janssen doelenensemble
Stills from Janssen & Janssen:
‘Bruuks’, ‘Snarenwerk’, ‘Mikado’
Janssen & Janssen

Concept, design and production of computeranimations
and live motion capture scenes
for concert/portrait of Guus Janssen performed by the Doelenensemble

Guus Janssen - Concept, Composer
Arie van Beek - Conductor, Guus Janssen - piano, Mattijs van de Woerd - baritone
Karin Post - Director, Choreography
Cecilia Moisio - Dance
Yvonne Fontijne - Image, Computeranimations
Daniel Fontijne / Fontijne Production Services - Motion Capture technique

Premiere: De Doelen
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Hosted II, 2005
yvonne fontijne hosted ii new york
Outdoor gallery view
with computeranimations
‘Walkerworld&rsquo and ‘Jumps on floor&rsquo
Hosted II

Group exhibition
Participant Inc.
New York / USA
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Vanstuk / Offtrack, 2005
yvonne fontijne vanstuk offtrack 2005
Gallery view
with computeranimation
‘Work III&rsquo
Vanstuk / Offtrack

Group exhibition and book presentation
Nieuwe Vide
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Veranderingen, 2004
yvonne fontijne veranderingen
Stills from dance performance
Veranderingen 2004

Dance performance
with live motion capture

Concept, design and production of computeranimations
and live motion capture scenes
for dance performance ‘Veranderingen 2004’ of Karin Post
Choreography/Direction: Karin Post
Dancers: Karin Post and Dries van der Post
Computer animations and live motion capture scenes: Yvonne Fontijne
3D Animations: Peter Struycken
Music: Peter van Bergen and Guus Janssen

Real-time computergraphics: Daniel Fontijne
Technical artist: WillemHein Triemstra

Premiere: Chasse theater
Den Haag/NL
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Private Collection, 2003
yvonne fontijne private collection
Gallery view
with computeranimation ‘Walkerworld 0.1&rsquo
projected on ceiling
Private Collection

Group exhibition
Staedtische Galerie Gladbeck
Gladbeck / D
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Veranderingen, 2002
yvonne fontijne veranderingen
Stills from dance performance
Veranderingen 2002

Dance performance

Concept, design and production of computeranimations
for dance performance ‘Veranderingen 2002’
of Karin Post and Gonnie Heggen

Choreography: Gonnie Heggen and Karin Post
Dance: Gonnie Heggen, Marek Isleib, Dries van der Post,
Karin Post, Netta Warga
Music: Composition Guus Janssen
Electronic arrangement: Peter van Bergen
together with Studio LOOS, Stichtng LOOS
Image: Rob Birza, Yvonne Fontijne, Peter Struycken

Premiere: De Melkweg
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Trendwande, 2001
yvonne fontijne trendwande
Gallery view with computeranimations:
‘Jumps on floor’ and ‘Natural Walk with a turn’


Group exhibition
Kunstraum Dusseldorf
Dusseldorf / D

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Lopend Beeld, 2001
yvonne fontijne lopend beeld
Exhibition view with computeranimation:
‘Work II based on the dance performance Veranderingen’

Lopend Beeld

Group exhibition
Nieuwe Vide

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Blue Moon, 2001
yvonne fontijne blue moon
View of installation

Blue Moon

Group Exhibition / Art and Architecture Festival

Computeranimations projected at the windows
of two levels of the building at the Schuitenschuiverskwartier
designed by Foreign Office Architects
for the festival Blue Moon / Groninger Museum

In collaboration with Karin Post, choreography and dance

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Motion Library, 2000
yvonne fontijne motion library
Copyright © Motek motion technology
Overview 120 different walks

Motion Library

Concept, design and production of 3D Human Motion Library
in collaboration with Motek Motion technology

Exhibited at Siggraph
New Orleans/USA

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Veranderingen, 2000
yvonne fontijne veranderingen
Stills from dance performance ‘Veranderingen’

Veranderingen 2000

Dance performance

Concept, design and production of computeranimations
and concept and design for costumes
for dance performance ‘Veranderingen’ of Karin Post

Choreography/Direction: Karin Post
Computer animations and costumes: Yvonne Fontijne
Music: Guus Janssen

Dancers: Silke Hundertmark, Mirjam ter Linden, Oerm Matern and Karin Post
Live performed at two piano's by Gerard Bouwhuis and Ralph van Raat
Light design by Peter Struycken in collaboration with Reier Pos

Premiere: Theater aan het Spui
Den Haag/NL
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Natural Walk, 1999
yvonne fontijne natural walk
Stills from computeranimation ‘Natural Walk’

Natural Walk

Exhibited in front space
Galerie Fons Welters, Amsterdam/NL 1999

Acquired by Wim Beeren for the Peter Stuyvesant Stichting
British American Tobacco, Zevenaar/NL 1999

Exhibited at the ‘Farewell exhibition’
of the director of British American Tobacco,
Zevenaar/NL 2000

Shown in ‘1,2,3’
Space, LOOS-Tijdkring-Festival
with live music performance of Yasunao Tone and Ikue Mori
Korzo theater, Den Haag/NL 1999
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Aan / Uit, 1999
yvonne fontijne aan uit
Stills from performance

Aan / Uit

Dance performance

Concept, design and production of computeranimations
for dance performance ‘Aan/Uit’ of Karin Post

Choreography/Direction: Karin Post
Guest Choreography: Thierry Smits
Scenario/Videoclips: Hans Aarsman
Art Direction/Costumes: Ruud van der Peijl
Music/Composition/Production: Peter van Bergen and Huib Emmer
Sound: Studio LOOS
Computer animations: Yvonne Fontijne
Video projections: Peter Struycken
Light: Kees van de Lagemaat
Dancers: Silke Hundertmark, Laura Moro,
Eduardo de Paiva Souza, Andra Perrin, Lene Stenseth

Premiere: Toneelschuur
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Possible Side Effects, 1999
yvonne fontijne possible side effects
Stills from performance

Possible Side Effects

Performance with live motion capture

Continuous performance of 3 hours
Dance: Michael Schumacher Music: Joel Ryan

NEStheaters/Frascati, Amsterdam/NL
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Traces of Science in Art, 1998
yvonne fontijne traces of science in art
Copyright © Photo by Marco Sweering
View from Bilderdijk-room at the Trippenhuis
with computeranimation ‘Upper and Lower Part I, II, III’

Traces of Science in Art

Group exhibition
curated by Wim Beeren
at the Trippenhuis,
Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences,
more   >, 1998
yvonne fontijne
Stills from computeranimations
‘klein-groot’ ‘een-twee’ ‘links-rechts’

yvonne fontijne unilever
View of installation at main entrance of
Unilever Research Laboratorium, Vlaardingen/NL

Group exhibition
curated by Saskia Bos
at de Appel,

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New Dutch Sculptors, 1997
yvonne fontijne new dutch sculptors
View of installation

Solo exhibition
at Het Glazen Huis,

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Open Studio's, 1996
yvonne fontijne open studios rijksakademie
Stills from computeranimations
‘Connection’ and ‘Code’

Open Studio's
Rijksakademie van beeldende kunsten,

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Malmo - Amsterdam, 1996
yvonne fontijne malmo
Stills from computeranimation
‘Position I’

Malmo - Amsterdam
Gesellchaft fur Aktuelle Kunst,

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